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Calculating The Present Value Of The Terminal Value

The present value of terminal value is critical in using the income approach for valuation. Here are the methods to use—and the limitations of each.

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Financial Impact Of COVID-19: Valuation Modifications

Here’s how to take the financial impact of COVID-19 into consideration when it comes to the valuation process.

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EBITDA Multiples By Industry: An Analysis

EBITDA multiples by industry indicate growth, profitability, and stability of profits in various sectors—and are a quick and easy way to estimate value.

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Valuation Methods: A Guide

Different types of business valuation methods are suited to specific needs. Here are the three primary types of valuation techniques and when they should be used.

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What Is Economic Obsolescence?

Economic obsolescence can reduce the value of a business or its assets. Here’s what economic obsolescence is, and how to calculate its impact.

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What Is Functional Obsolescence?

Functional obsolescence of assets imposes a variety of costs on businesses. Here’s what functional obsolescence is, and how it can cost your business.

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Understanding The Importance Of ASC 820 In Compliant Valuations

ASC 820 is the standard for establishing fair market values for assets and liabilities, necessary for GAAP compliance.

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Business Valuation Services

Wondering if enlisting the support of a business valuation service would be beneficial for your situation? Here’s why you might need one—and how they can help.

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