Valentiam Valuation Services

Our valuation services produce accurate, defensible results every time—and are always tailored to your business.

Valentiam consultants employ strategic valuation techniques based on your individual goals. Our experts dig deep to ensure you get a customized, informed value opinion—even if your company’s assets are traditionally hard to value.

Our Valuation Services

Asset Valuation

We provide expert value opinions for businesses and underlying assets for purposes of business restructuring, the sale and license of intellectual property, property tax, and more. Our services have saved asset-intensive companies millions of dollars on property taxes, and cover:

Tangible assets

  • Value property, plant, and equipment
  • Determine replacement value and depreciation factors
  • Quantify economic, functional, and technological obsolescence

Intangible assets

  • Value identifiable intangible assets (technology, trademarks, trade names, etc.)
  • Quantify goodwill
  • Value full entities, business units, functions within entities, etc.

Expert Testimony

We don’t operate under the assumption that litigation will occur, but if it does, we’ll be ready. Our valuation consultants build opinions from the bottom up using detailed financial models and supporting documentation, so a strong foundation will have already been laid. In the event litigation cannot be avoided, our valuation experts will testify during court proceedings to help you make your case.

State-by-state Strategic Reviews

Companies that take a blanket approach to asset valuation usually leave money on the table. At Valentiam, it’s our goal to employ a more advantageous (yet still realistic) strategy that maximizes your property tax savings. We’ll do a state-level analysis of your reporting processes with regard to taxability and valuation to identify opportunities—and the risks and benefits associated with them—that could give you a competitive advantage.

Valentiam’s Valuation Consultants

Our team has a diverse valuation background—from Big Four firms and corporate valuation teams to international appraisal organizations—that allows us to consider valuation from a variety of perspectives. Our range of experience means we are uniquely equipped to meet rigorous technical standards and align with client objectives.

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