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Understanding Business Value Enhancement

Everyone would like to enhance the value of their business—but how? These business value enhancement tools and techniques are the key.

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Shareholder Disputes: Common Causes & Solutions

Shareholder disputes often prompt business valuations. Here are some of the common causes of disputes and how they can be settled.

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Business Tax Liability: Everything You Should Know

Business tax liability is a fact of life. If you pay attention, you can minimize your liability by taking advantage of opportunities. Here’s how.

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Transfer Pricing & Valuation Tax Planning Strategies For Corporations

Corporate tax strategies need to address all areas of taxation—not just income tax. Transfer pricing and valuation can also have an impact.

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Intellectual Property Valuation: What You Should Know

Intellectual property valuation is a complex process, but essential for accurately valuing businesses. Here’s what you need to know about IP valuation.

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Independent Valuation Services: When & Why To Seek A Third-Party Valuation

An independent valuation provides a neutral third party’s opinion of business value—here’s when (and why) that’s a necessity.

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Business Valuation Factors: The Top 9 Things To Consider

The importance of various business valuation factors varies depending on the purpose of the valuation. Here are the factors to consider in different valuation contexts.

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Certified Business Appraisers

Accurate valuations are critical to the financial health of your business. Call on Valentiam’s certified business appraisers for accurate, defensible valuations of your business assets.

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