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Valuation Vs. Evaluation Vs. Appraisal—What's The Difference?

The terms valuation, evaluation, and appraisal are often used interchangeably. What’s the difference between valuation vs. evaluation—or is there one?

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Merger And Acquisition Valuation Methods

Merger and acquisition valuation methods rely on the same basic approaches used for other business valuations. Here’s how M&A transactions are handled.

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During COVID-19: Is RPSM The Best Choice For Multinational Companies?

Is RPSM the most appropriate transfer pricing method for multinational companies in the time of COVID-19? Learn about the potential issues here.

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How Much Does A Business Valuation Cost?

How much does a business valuation cost? It depends. Here are the factors that determine the cost of a business valuation report.

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How To Create A Business Valuation Report

A business valuation report covers more than just company financials. Here’s how to create a valuation report, and what it should include.

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Business Valuation Basics: 2020 Guide

From the purpose of the valuation to using the right valuation approach, here are the basics of business valuation.

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The Different Phases Of The “Covid Economy”

Here’s what’s missing in the discussion around COVID-19 and transfer pricing: the long-term view.

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Private Company Valuation: Everything You Need To Know

Private company valuation presents some unique challenges due to a lower level of financial transparency. Here’s how to assess private company value.

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