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Transfer Pricing Implications Of COVID-19

For multinational corporations, grappling with COVID-19 also means considering these transfer pricing issues.

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EBITDA Multiples By Industry: An Analysis

EBITDA multiples by industry indicate growth, profitability, and stability of profits in various sectors—and are a quick and easy way to estimate value.

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Valuation Methods: A Guide

Different types of business valuation methods are suited to specific needs. Here are the three primary types of valuation techniques and when they should be used.

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What Is Economic Obsolescence?

Economic obsolescence can reduce the value of a business or its assets. Here’s what economic obsolescence is, and how to calculate its impact.

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What Is Functional Obsolescence?

Functional obsolescence of assets imposes a variety of costs on businesses. Here’s what functional obsolescence is, and how it can cost your business.

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Understanding The Importance Of ASC 820 In Compliant Valuations

ASC 820 is the standard for establishing fair market values for assets and liabilities, necessary for GAAP compliance.

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Goodwill Impairment Test: New Guidance

The new goodwill impairment test guidelines make the process much simpler—but also less precise. Here’s how the old and new guidance differs.

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Using Capital IQ To Access Compustat Data: How To Find The Data You Need

Transitioning from Research Insight to Capital IQ for Compustat’s market research data? Here are four tips to make the transition successfully.

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