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Using Capital IQ To Access Compustat Data: How To Find The Data You Need

Transitioning from Research Insight to Capital IQ for Compustat’s market research data? Here are four tips to make the transition successfully.

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Business Valuation Services

Wondering if enlisting the support of a business valuation service would be beneficial for your situation? Here’s why you might need one—and how they can help.

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5 Rules Of Thumb For Business Valuation

Looking for some rules of thumb for business valuation? You might be surprised to learn that some of the most useful—yet most overlooked—ones don’t have anything to do with the value metrics themselves.

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How To Manage Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) For Tax Purposes

Purchase price allocation is required during an acquisition. Here’s how to take the right approach for more favorable tax results.

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How To Complete A Year-End Transfer Pricing Review [A Checklist]

Will your transfer pricing policies stand up to scrutiny this year? Get a checklist of steps for conducting a thorough year-end risk assessment.

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Arm's Length Principle In Transfer Pricing

The arm's length principle of transfer pricing has been the standard for many years, but is it perfect? Here’s a basic explanation of the term and reasons why it’s being called into question.

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Transfer Pricing Due Diligence For M&A Transactions [Checklist]

M&A due diligence must include an assessment of transfer pricing policies—or else you risk financial consequences down the line. Use this checklist to get started.

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What You Need To Know About Operational Transfer Pricing

What is operational transfer pricing? We take a deep dive beyond the definition to explore the benefits, giving you the insights you need.

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