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Meet Valentiam's Team Of Transfer Pricing & Valuation Experts

Meet Valentiam's Team Of Transfer Pricing & Valuation Experts

Ad valentiam is a Latin phrase that means “to the value.” Because so much of what we do revolves around price and value, Valentiam stood out to us as meaningful when we crowdsourced potential names for our company.

Our Backstory

We’re a team of industry-leading professionals, with roots in both the legacy Big 4 accounting firms and boutique firms—from KPMG to Duff & Phelps to Economic Partners. The core of our group has been together for more than a decade, working in various roles but always specializing in transfer pricing and valuation. (Some of our partners have even worked together for close to 20 years!) When we found out that Economic Partners was being acquired, we found ourselves facing some tough choices.

Ultimately, we knew we wanted two things: to stay together, and to remain a small, independent group. We recognized the unique opportunity to build an innovative firm specializing in transfer pricing and valuation consulting services—the two heavily intersect in the tax area—for corporate tax teams. That’s when Valentiam Group was born.

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of expert thought leaders in transfer pricing and valuation of both tangible and intangible assets. We work from seven different locations: Dallas, Los Angeles, Metro New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, South Florida, and Salt Lake City.

Our partners and managing directors, all leading advisors in the industry, are Clark Chandler, Ph.D.; Sean Faulkner; Nancy Voth; Carl Hoemke, ASA; Dan Peters; David Talakoub; Mark Madrian; and Jared Walls. Several of us have been recognized as being among the World’s Leading Transfer Pricing Advisers by Euromoney magazine; two of us have been listed in Legal Media’s “Best of the Best USA.”

Long story short: We know transfer pricing and valuation like no one else.

What We Do

We use our expertise to help our clients navigate transfer pricing and tax valuation complexities. This essentially comes down to helping clients with three things: ensure compliance with tax laws, plan and optimize to achieve the best financial outcome on a risk-adjusted basis, and defend themselves in the event of an audit.

Very few, if any, companies have the expertise required to deal with transfer pricing and tax valuation in-house, so most need to go to outside advisors for support. It just comes down to choosing which advisor to work with.

What Makes Us Different

We’re smaller than the big-name firms, which makes us more nimble and flexible. We can react quickly when our clients need us most. And because we’re an independent firm, we don’t have the same conflict and constraints that sometimes make it challenging for corporations to work with huge firms.

At Valentiam, we think of ourselves as creative problem-solvers. We look beyond the tried-and-true approaches to come up with innovative solutions to some of the most complex tax issues our clients face. And without the constraints of a large firm, we’re allowed to get scrappy and try new things.

At large accounting firms, clients typically receive very little partner time. We decided to take a different approach. Working with Valentiam means gaining access to partner-level talent on a regular basis.

Are you looking for experts to help you navigate the complexities of transfer pricing and valuation? Read some of our success stories or get in touch to learn more about how we partner with corporate tax teams like yours.

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