We offer a complete range of expert services in transfer pricing and valuation


Transfer Pricing

We determine and evaluate arm's length pricing of intercompany transactions in connection with tangible and intangible property, services, and financing.

Key Uses

  • Determine the appropriate income from intercompany transactions to be taxed in jurisdictions where your company does business
  • Evaluate the arm’s-length nature of existing intercompany transactions to mitigate tax risk


Forward thinking on efficient transfer-price structuring and intellectual property migration


  • Preparation of reports consistent with OECD, BEPS, and local regulatory requirements
  • Preparation and risk evaluation of country-by-country reporting

Operational Transfer Pricing

Design, implementation and maintenance of intercompany pricing models

Dispute Resolution

  • Assistance with transfer pricing disputes with tax authorities
  • Negotiation of advance pricing agreements
  • Development of audit defense strategies
  • Competent authority assistance
  • Analytical support for litigation and appeals


We provide clients with expert value opinions for businesses and underlying assets and support our opinions before auditors, governmental agents, and court proceedings.

Key Uses

  • Business restructuring
  • Sale and license of intellectual property
  • Reconciliation of value for purchase-price accounting & income tax purposes
  • Values of property for property tax purpose
  • Commercial litigation

Intangible Assets Valuation Expertise

  • Identifiable intangible assets (i.e. technology, trademark, trade names, customer contracts, licenses)
  • Economic quantification of goodwill
  • Full entities, business units, functions within entities, etc.

Tangible Assets Valuation Expertise

  • Property, plant, and equipment
  • Our determination of the replacement cost new, depreciation, and obsolescence of assets is a clear differentiator from other valuation providers

What We Offer

  • Financial modeling
  • Independent appraisals
  • Expert testimony



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